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The Wellegant Woman Podcast

The Wellegant Woman Podcast is for women over 40 who want to transform their bodies and their lives. Join me each week as I share information, strategies and inspiration to help you redefine midlife, reimagine what’s possible and experience more energy, vitality, confidence and joy than ever before. 

If you’re a woman in midlife who is ready to prioritize your health and wellbeing, elevate your thinking and reinvent yourself, you’re in the right place! 

Must-Listen Episode

The Beauty Secrets of French Women in Midlife

Many of us are intrigued by French women and their effortless style, natural beauty, and general sense of joie de vivre. In this episode, I discuss the specific practices that enable French women to age gracefully and, more importantly,  to live gracefully at all ages and stages of life.

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