Are You Ready to Transform Midlife and Become Your Healthiest, Most Radiant Self?

In other words, are you ready to age powerfully and make these years your most vibrant, successful and exciting ones yet?

What defines a Wellegant Woman?

Wellness = a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit
Elegance = simplicity; discernment; living intentionally, with character and confidence

A Wellegant Woman knows that her life is a self-created work of art and that, in order to live her best life, she must take full responsibility for her happiness and wellbeing. That translates to living consciously, deliberately and with integrity. She builds her life on a foundation of health and wellness and understands the power of mindset and accumulated daily choices. By living intentionally and embracing each stage of her journey, she cultivates a life of vitality, pleasure, passion and purpose (at any and every age).

She is within you. My mission is to help you discover her.


I'm Karen

As someone who took control of my own health and wellbeing and reinvented myself in midlife, I know what it truly takes to change. I also know what it feels like when life takes an unexpected turn that forces us to reassess our priorities and reimagine the future. My guess is, you do too.

By the time we reach midlife, most of us have faced some choices and challenges that have thrown our lives out of balance – a divorce, caring for an aging parent, an empty nest, a job change, a health crisis, or simply a general sense of dissatisfaction or anxiety. On top of that, hormonal changes throw our bodies out of balance.

It’s a ‘perfect storm’ that completely upends our sense of identity and security. Most women feel powerless, convinced that ‘this is what happens as you get older’ and ‘it’s all downhill from here’.

Well, I’m here to tell you that could NOT be farther from the truth. With the right attitude, information and strategies, each and every woman can navigate these times of transition, boldly recreate herself and live out her ideal future.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it!

Here's how we can work


One on One Coaching

My unique blend of health and life coaching will empower you to step into a powerful, hormone-healthy lifestyle and, best of all, you’ll walk away with the knowledge, skills and strategies to maintain your healthy habits and momentum for life. 

Revitalize: 30 Days to Hormone Harmony

This 30 day program is designed to detox the body, balance hormones, manage weight, improve sleep and increase energy. I’ll teach you exactly what to eat, when to eat and how to eat for hormone harmony and optimal health. 

By the end of the 30 days, you will look and feel completely revitalized!

Midlife Reinvention: Embrace Change and Create a Body and Life You Love

In this powerful program, my unique blend of health and life coaching will help you to press the reset button, clarify your goals, and move confidently toward the body AND life you dream of. 

I’ll walk you through a process that will allow you to reframe aging and reimagine what’s possible.

What would your life be like if you truly believed that these are your Power Years?

Aging Powerfully means:




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